Spring Creeks

Pat has been guiding on the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks since the mid-1990s. Along with a few other guides, few guides in the area know these unique fisheries as well as Pat.

The creeks themselves are private, but by paying a rod fee anglers can “book” their rod for a day of fishing. Rates vary by season with summer rates being the highest. The three creeks, Nelson’s, DePuy’s, and Armstrong’s/O’Hair’s offer challenging fishing in one of the most beautiful valleys in Montana, the Paradise Valley. DePuy’s is the longest of the three creeks, then Armstrong’s/O’Hairs, and then Nelson’s.

Anglers looking for selective fish in a technical piece of water should try their hand at some of these trout. And by fishing these creeks with Pat or one his guides, you will learn and enjoy a very unique fly fishing experience.

“Pat’s an incredible guide. But he’s also someone you’d want as a neighbor, a truly good guy and a renaissance man. He’s a total pro but completely relaxed and focused on your experience. Cannot wait to return to Montana’s amazing waters with the best guide anywhere.”

Art M.

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